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Daikin is the leading world manufacturer and distributor of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment (HVAC), including heat pumps and cooling solutions. The company offers top-shelf innovative solutions for controlling indoor temperature in order to meet the needs of residential, business and industrial consumers. Visit their website...

AIRSYS is one of the biggest manufacturers of installations for precise cooling of ICT equipment. For more than 20 years this company has been providing reliable and energy efficient solutions for the cooling of server halls and computer centers, mobile telephony facilities and medical equipment. Visit their website...

Hispagold is one of the biggest manufacturers of HVAC equipment for buses, vans and rolling stock. From its inception, the company has been dedicated to product innovation. By using state of the art tools for product design, Hispacold invests in energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and boosting air quality in vehicles. Visit their website...

The German manufacturer of demanding highly-specialized air-conditioning solutions for the needs of the global market. Their best-known products are intended for the medical sector. Since 2012, KKT chillers have a new design and a wide range of new products. Visit their website...

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