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Air conditioning



We offer design, sales, installation and servicing services in relation to air-conditioning systems. We are present in the fields of residential, commercial, technical and industrial air conditioning, as well as in the area of road vehicles and rolling stock air-conditioning systems. As the authorized service shop the manufacturers DAIKIN, AIRSYS, HISPACOLD, and KKT CHILLERS we provide to our customers the complete product range, original spare parts and expert servicing support.

The servicing team is trained and specialized for working on the equipment of the aforementioned manufacturers. In sync with the modernization and advancement of air-conditioning systems, our servicing team undergoes constant training and professional development.

At the request of our customers, we offer special contracts defining the availability level of the servicing department, which may be available up to 365 days per year, 24 hours a day.

In the scope of servicing and maintenance, our customers may enjoy technical support providing them the required assistance in their daily work. It also provides fast and expert answers to questions from the field of air conditioning, as required by the customers.

Technical maintenance allows full-scale operability of business premises and technical equipment, making every facility functional and presentable at all times. In the scope of routine preventive and corrective maintenance all parts of the core systems of a facility are controlled and repaired (electrical installations, carpentry, water and mechanical installations, HVAC, etc.).

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